Everglades Tours With The Airboat Ride

Why You Should Consider It. Lately, students need to know how and why they need to protect the natural, uncontaminated wilderness areas from further incursion by ‘progress.’ Eco excursions of Florida offer science students a course that will begin to answer a few of these questions. Miami oozes cool with a Latin spirit and tropical soul. Whatever you are looking for, be it sea and sunshine, dancing ’til dawn, trendy bars or an art scene to rival any in the world, look no further than Miami’it’s party time for grown-ups! Everglades, Miami To Key West and Miami Tours – Quick Tips.

If you haven’t booked your holidays to Orlando look for the last minute holidays to Orlando and are ready to enjoy adventurous vacations. Theme parks are old now just try something new in your next holidays to Orlando. Discounted airlines offer the opportunities for people to enjoy lucrative holiday tours in Miami and thus, they will also have a new experience of visiting a new place! Miami is a place where you can find a different experience of multi-cultural activities that are the specialty of the place. Although reef corals are technically classified as being animals, there is a complex and unique microscopic plant living inside the tissue of the animal. The animal and plant of the reef have a mutual relationship where they depend on each other for survival. The coral reef also provides an excellent habitat for many forms of ocean life.

Segway Buy, Miami To Key West and Miami Attractions – Where to Stay. The rich and famous like to drive their hottest car along Ocean Drive too, so the cars are phenomenal. By night, the area becomes one of the biggest nightlife spots to be found anywhere. You will experience the best party to be found anywhere.

The Palm Beach Zoo is home to many animals of several countries over the world with a variety of endangered species that includes the Bengal tiger, Cotton Top Tamarin and the panther from Florida. By taking cheap flights to West Palm Beach in Florida you will ensure not to miss this exotic location.

Thanks to my friend’s previous experience, we chose the Gold Package that allowed me three hours of photographic wonder in the Florida Everglades tours. The trip was so rewarding to me that I am thinking of taking my niece, who’s six, on a Bronze Package tour for just one hour the next time I am up visiting her in West Palm Beach.

Miami Places And Miami City And Boat Tours

Tips for Finding the Perfect One. There are zoos such as Miami Metro and Native Village with trained animals that are showcased inside the rainforest. The area has waterfalls and streams for wildlife habitat. Walking and canoe trails, boat tours and tram tours are excellent for viewing wildlife, including alligators, a multitude of tropical and temperate birds, and a great floral variety that is one of the key resources of the park.

This To Do In Miami, Everglades Tours and Miami Tours – Enjoy Interesting Tours. Miami Science Museum: Nothing is boring in Miami, least of all its museums. Explore the unique treasure of museums and its fascinations with Miami Flights. The Museum contains more than 140 exhibits, all designed to be interactive, coupled with live demonstrations and collections of rare natural history specimens that make discovering and learning a great deal of fun. While making your reservation for a journey to Miami Beach the same relates to accommodations and vacation packages-, you should fatigue all the available options over the Internet.

Booking an inexpensive journey to Miami Beach would be the first concern and where you can save more cash if you are prudent as a journey admission always performs a huge function in any vacation. Travel on the airboat and explore the wild in its most natural way, After the narrated airboat tour, enjoy a live show with the alligators. Favorite in Miami tours Guaranteed enjoyment! Everglades is best for nature lovers and only 45 minutes from Miami Beach When planning a cruise the first thing to consider is; where do you want to go? What To Visit In Miami, Everglades Tours and Miami to Key West – The Best Things to Do in Miami.

With Florida having the well earned nick name of The Sunshine State it means that it can get hot but when drawing into the winter months means that this is the perfect time of year for a well earned round of golf what ever the time. Miami-Dade Social Centre: Worth a vacation for the range of exciting creative and ancient displays. The Miami Art Art gallery functions a collection of modern and modern works by Nationwide, Latina Nationwide and Carribbean designers.

Because the Florida Everglades are so large, there are many starting points located throughout south Florida where tours can begin. Many tours are available in the Miami area, and there are many Miami Florida hotels located nearby, where guests can tour the parks by day and experience the city at night.

Bus Trip To Key West From Miami For Around $60

An average price of such a ride is around $60. For children the price is much cheaper. This bus tour route is designated in the way to feature the very best of the city. This includes sightseeing, attractions, shopping, dining opportunities etc. The bus tour from Miami to Key West is usually accompanied by live guides. You will be able to hear a few of history of each place you visit as well as many interesting stories. This means that the bus ride will be rather entertaining with many different facts and fun.

The Miami to Key West by bus can be either individual or combined. The best thing is that you can choose a package that will suit the best your needs.

This island is a beautiful and unique place to visit. The distance from Miami to Key West is about 160 miles and can be crossed by different means of transportation except the already mentioned one. Except hop-on hop-off buses there are as well public buses and shuttle buses. Public buses are the cheapest ones but with them the ride takes much longer as they stop various times until they reach the final destination and people often need to change bus lines.

There are around 160 miles from Miami to Key West. But let’s review how many miles are to the Keys from Miami are according to Wikipedia “the Keys is located at 129 miles (208 km) southwest (229.9 degrees) of Miami, Florida, (about 160 miles (260 km) by car) and 106 miles (171 km) north-northeast (21.2 degrees) of Havana, Cuba.”

If you decided to travel with a tour company for your vacations, it is very important for you to know how many miles from Miami to Key West are so that you can choose the best means of transportation. You will be able to opt for a car ride, bus, ferry, plane, etc.

Here is some more useful information about the island, the Key island is rather small in size and measures 4 x 2 miles. The island is bordered with Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico what is one of the main attractions for people doing the Key West tours.

Key West is among the most populated islands in the Florida Keys and has approx 25,000 permanent residents. Since we are talking about an island probably you have been asking yourself how you will be able to travel to an island by car or bus. Well, the route from Miami to Key West is actually connected by the Overseas Highway (US 1) as well as with 43 bridges. Taking all this into consideration we can get to the conclusion that the island is much closer to Cuba than to any other mayor city in Florida.

When talking about how many miles to Key West from Miami is there you will probably be surprised that crossing that distance is much faster by sea than by land. The truth is that a ferry ride will normally take around only 3 hours to to do the Key West tous while from the other side, a car ride will take around 3.5 hours and a bus ride minimum 4.5 hours. The truth is that only the people who were born on the island are true Conches. All the other residents are called “Key Westers”.

Seven Florida Vacation Ideas

Tour Florida by canoe

Canoeing the rivers of Florida is not quite as popular as boating the waters off of Florida’s coast, but it is gaining newfound attention from those seeking a more than ordinary vacation. Canoeing through the tranquil inland waters of Florida offers a visitor a view of the state which is not seen on any other type of vacation. Only while touring the state in this way can one truly experience the Florida wilderness in its untouched and most pristine state.

One of the most popular Florida rivers navigated by canoeists is the Peace River, which is located in the central part of the state. This grand river, lined with lush vegetation and a wide variety of plant and tree species, meanders more than 130 miles from Lake Hancock to Charlotte Harbor. It is said that the gentle curving nature of this tranquil river affords canoeists an opportunity to experience nature on an intimate level.

From the wind rushing through the trees to wildlife frolicking on the river’s edge, there are many reasons why the Peace River is a top canoeing vacation destination. In addition to the Peace River, there are numerous waterways and rivers that afford canoeists an awesome opportunity to test their skills or simply lay back and enjoy. That is what makes a Florida canoeing vacation a must for any outdoor enthusiast.
Visit downtown Jacksonville, Florida

While Jacksonville, Florida offers visitors a great deal of attractions and activities outside of its urban center, much can be said about the charms that downtown Jacksonville has to offer. A must see for any Florida vacation, Jacksonville offers visitors a wide array of cultural and arts entertainment.

Downtown Jacksonville boasts of the world-famous Landing, an intricate web of shops and eateries where local entertainment and special celebrations are held. Also downtown you will find Alltel Stadium, home of the Jaguars; Veterans Memorial Coliseum where many events such as circuses, concerts, and monster truck shows are held; Wolfson park, home of the Jacksonville Suns baseball team; and Met Park, an amphitheater that plays home to many concerts.

Jacksonville also hosts the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra and Junior Orchestra. And at the Florida Theatre you can see many Broadway plays as well as shows from stars such as David Copperfield and the Nutcracker Ballet during the Christmas season. All of this and more, is what makes Jacksonville the perfect vacation destination for your next Florida getaway.

Golf in Daytona, Florida

Boasting of more than 30 golf courses including 20 championship golf courses, one could view Daytona as a sea of green and a golfer’s paradise. From beginner courses to advanced courses, Daytona’s golfing scene has an attraction for every golfing enthusiast no matter what his or her experience level.

Daytona’s championship golf courses line the 23-mile expanse of the Daytona Beach coastline. With temperatures averaging little more than 70 degrees, Daytona’s golf courses are ideal for spending an entire day on the green. And with great restaurants, resorts and area attractions nearby, a golfing vacation to Daytona is one that the whole family can enjoy.

Stay in a Florida beachfront vacation home

Who wants to cram four or five vacationers in a hotel room equipped with only one bathroom when you can rent a deluxe beachfront vacation home for just as much of your hard-earned money? Located just steps from the beach and many popular tourist attractions, most Florida vacation homes offer the ultimate in luxury and convenience during your Florida vacation.

By renting a vacation home, you can have enough room for each person on your trip to enjoy the privacy of their own bedroom and possibly even their own bathroom. The houses are also equipped with all the amenities that you expect at home including washers and dryers, a fully equipped kitchen, towels and linens, TV and telephone. All you have to bring is your clothes. And many beachfront vacation homes boast of a private pool and/or hot tub. Now that’s vacationing.

Take a walking tour of Key West
There are some places that just cannot be fully experienced or appreciated from the window of your car or tour bus. Key West, Florida is one of those places. Here culture, history and architecture combine to form one of the most memorizing and unique vacation destinations to be found anywhere in Florida. From the pastel cottages to the waving palms to the long, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets, Key West is a place that is only truly experienced by really getting intimate with the island and breathing in all that is Key West.

Rich and ornate architecture and landscaping is one of the most visible ways that the Key West locals fully express themselves. Key West is full of inspirational and exquisite architecture. In fact, one of the most enjoyed activities of tourists to Key West is touring the National Historic District in Old town, which includes almost 3,000 structures, public homes and museums. This is where the best architecture of Key West is to be found. Here you can tour such grand structures as the San Carlos Institute, the former mansion of Ernest Hemingway, and the John James Audubon House.

Go on a Miami, Florida shopping spree

If you enjoy shopping, then you deserve a trip to the hottest shopping spot in all of Florida: Miami. Here you can truly shop till you drop. In fact, there are millions upon millions of square feet dedicated to housing some of the finest shopping to be had anywhere.

Miami is the shopping Mecca of Florida and boasts endless premier shopping malls and boutiques. For shoppers who want a taste of the local flavor, Bayside Marketplace and Biscayne Bay have a number of boutiques and specialty shops that sell everything from plastic fruit to high-tech electronics. The Mayfair Shops, located in the Grove, is a complex made up of boutiques and nightclubs. And Sawgrass Mills, with more than 300 shops and kiosks in a 2.4-million-square-foot facility makes even the most serious and dedicated shoppers feel like they’ve died and gone to the great big mall in the sky.

Stay in South Beach’s historical district

South Beach is perhaps one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Miami area. The South Beach Historical District, located on the peninsular southern tip of South Beach, consists of only one square mile, but is home to numerous 1930s to 1950s style Art Deco hotels. These hotels are only a short distance away from some of the major Miami attractions and offer comfortable, off-the-beaten-path lodging.
The historic district is also home to numerous other attractions including the Holocaust Memorial, Wolfsonian Museum, The Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts and Lincoln Road Mall.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/81556

City View Trolley Tours – Key West Florida

Okay, even a guy who writes about mob guys needs a break once in a while. So me and the wife took a four-day vacation to Key West, Florida for a little R&R before I go back to mob-busting again.

The quandary you face when going to Key West is what to see and how to see it. There are scores of attractions to see and great food to eat at dozens of restaurants. And every hotel, and even the Key West Express boat we took to Key West from Fort Myers, is pushing a Trolley Tour Bus that goes for 29 bucks for maybe an hour, or so, tour of downtown Key West.

So we decided not to decide on anything until we actually took a cab to downtown Key West from our Comfort Inn Hotel. Our cab driver Richie from Brooklyn (who moonlights as an excellent drummer for several Key West bands) dropped us off at stop number 5 on the City View Trolley Tour. We stepped up to the information counter and was greeted by a cheerful young lad named Marty. We asked Marty a few questions, which he answered effortlessly, and then Marty told us about the City View Trolley Tour.

The City View Trolley Tour makes eight stops in all, each stop having its own great tourist must-sees in the area. And get this: you can get off the bus as many times time you want, get on as many times as you want, see the sights, and a bus stops every 15 minutes at all eight stops to pick you up again and continue on the tour. And if you want to take the tour again that day, no problem. Just get on the bus again at any of the eight stops. The City View Trolley Tour costs only $19 a person, and if you come back the following day, it’s only 9 bucks a person.

The best part of the tour is the constant banter and boundless information the cheerful and always humorous bus driver regales you with over the bus loud speakers, as he tools around downtown Key West. It seems that every street on Key West has its own story, and even the cemetery is filled with fun-stuff information. Like the one tombstone that says, “I told you I was sick.” And another tombstone, where a weary wife put on her philandering husband’s tombstone, “At least I know where you’re sleeping tonight.”

In the course of the two days we took riding the City View Trolley Tour, we must have seen everything two or three times, but never told in the same manner, by one of the tour buses dozen or so drivers. Of course tips are permitted, and believe me even a buck or two is greatly appreciated, and much deserved.

In addition, Marty gave us several discount tickets for various attractions, and bars and restaurants, including 2 for 1drink coupons (he gave us four) for the Conch Republic Seafood Company, which has the best sea food this side of heaven.

One place you must see in Key West is the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum ($12.50 per person). A nice lady gave us a grand tour of Hemingway’s house, and besides all the great tales of Ernie, you get to see 44 of Hemingway’s six-toed cats, which are all descendants of Hemingway’s original six-toed cats. (Actually, the genes for six toes are present in all the cats, but only about a half of them actually have six toes.)

Other grand tour must-sees are: Harry Truman’s Little White House, West Martello Tower, Southernmost Point (which is actually the Southernmost tip of the United States), all of Duval Street (which is like Key West’s Broadway), Clinton Square Market, Higgs Beach, Pat Croce’s Rum Barrell, Sloppy Joe’s Bar (Sloppy Joe Russell was Hemingway’s best friend in Key West), Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

So remember this folks, if you plan on visiting Key West for the first time, or maybe you’ve been there before but wanted to see more of the attractions, stop at the City View Trolley Tour. The main office and stop number one is located at 105 Whitehead Street, right across the street from the Clinton Square Customs House. Or see Marty at stop number 5, where you can also buy tour tickets, Stop 5 is located one block from the Southernmost Point near the end of Duval Street (upper Duval Street.

As for me, I’m back home and have my head up the butts of the world’s worst mobsters again. But I’m looking forward to going back to Key West as soon as possible. And of course, I’ll take the City View Trolley Tour again. Maybe twice.

If Key West was good enough for Ernest Hemingway, it’s certainly good enough for little old me.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6629866

FillUpOrlandoStadium a roaring success

MTN South Africa was the main sponsor of the #FillUpOrlandoStadium concert featuring local hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest. The campaign followed the success of the #FillUpTheDome concert, and exceed expectations.
MTN SA have always been a strong supporter of local music, so it’s no surprise they helped Nyovest fill up the 40,000 seater stadium. They managed to do this with a clever marketing strategy and getting influencers to jump on board the campaign.

We spoke with Larry Annetts, chief consumer officer at MTN SA, to find out more about the campaign and the success they had.

Larry Annetts
Larry Annetts
Bizcommunity How did MTN get involved in the initiative?

Annetts: MTN SA has a proud and rich history of supporting local music. When MTN signed up Cassper Nyovest as its new brand ambassador, it reaffirmed its commitment to its quest to continue to develop music and associate with artists that resonate with its values of innovation, leadership and ‘Can Do’ attitude.

So it was no surprise that when the idea of filling up Orlando Stadium with Cassper as the headline performer was proposed, MTN saw a unique opportunity to raise and build upon the successful #FillUpTheDome concert.

Bizcommunity Talk us through the marketing strategy…

Annetts: Both the MTN and Cassper’s team were aware of the enormity of the task ahead of filling up the historic Orlando Stadium with 40,000 revelers in a one man act. This mammoth undertaking hasn’t been done in the history of music in South Africa, particularly on such a grand scale. The teams had to find astute and innovative ways of using available resources to make this daring project a success.

The team adopted an integrated and multipronged marketing strategy that outlined the roadmap of this initiative and ensured that it remains top of mind in the public sphere, from the announcement stage, to on-the-ground activations and to the actual hosting of the concert.

To ensure everything was about filling the 40,000 seater stadium, MTN SA worked closely with Cassper, ensuring our sponsorship was entrenched and aligned to his musical style and personality. Our objective was to not only attract Cassper or hip hop fans, but music lovers in general and highlight the power of local music.

In a bid to heighten awareness about #FillUpOrlandoStadium and to give the public a sense of participation and ownership of the event, MTN launched a competition called Light Up the Stage. The competition invited unsigned artists and DJs to send their clips to be considered for opening acts for Cassper.

Over 1600 tracks and mixes were submitted in a period of 10 days. The quality of the music exceeded expectations. Every upload was produced and delivered in radio quality sound. The entries were whittled down to the top 10 finalists who embarked with Cassper on a roadshow in Johannesburg. The Light Up the Stage competition encompassed teaser posts, video content from Cassper, public voting, kasi tours and the public getting an opportunity to choose the top four finalists, and Cassper selecting the final three.

The Light up the Stage campaign site on MTN Play received:

98407 Pageviews
58661 Unique visitors

It’s Our Time

We realised that in order to create mass awareness we had to come up with a campaign theme that would reflect the vastness of Cassper’s endeavour. Cassper started using the words “It’s Our Time” early on in his campaign and it became a motto of inspiring the youth and building the “can do” attitude that embodied this venture. The phrase “It’s Our Time” surpassed music alone – also capturing the sentiment that Cassper embodies – of being able to achieve one’s dreams. It further speaks to the historic moment that Cassper and MTN seek to create. It is a call for youth to be empowered and take ownership of their destiny. This bold statement provided a strong call to South Africans to come together and celebrate the momentous moment when Cassper achieved his dream of uniting 40,000 fans at Orlando Stadium.

When approaching the strategic and creative direction for this campaign, we realised that the history that Cassper was trying to make was a perfect marriage with Orlando Stadium’s rich history of iconic moments in music history in South Africa. The idea to create an epic piece of video content that reflects the rich music history of Orlando and the history to be made by Cassper was borne.

The result, an emotive video that showcased some of the best historical music and sports events at Orlando Stadium, all building up to a shot of Cassper in the centre of the empty stadium, awaiting Mzansi to join him for “It’s Our Time”. The filming and post-production costs were kept tight, whilst pulling off the impossible to create a cinema-like video using a drone camera at night to produce larger than life footage of Cassper and the majestic Orlando Stadium. The video was launched on Friday night 14 October on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and within 40 minutes we saw fellow celebrities in South Africa and abroad talking, sharing and retweeting.

In addition to the main “It’s Our Time’ video piece we created numerous engaging video content of Cassper to drive awareness and FOMO of missing out the biggest South African music event.

The “It’s Our Time video” went viral on Facebook with 212,074 views and 2805 shares as well as 13000 reactions on Cassper Nyovest’s page. There was intensely positive sentiment by the audience as they applauded MTN on taking the initiative of empowering young South Africans. Family Tree as an influencer also shared the content on their page and it also started trending with 272 reactions. Celebrities caught on to the conversation and heeded to the rallying call with the video giving inspiration to Fill Up Orlando.

On the MTN Facebook page the video performed well with a reach of 357,921 and 99000 views, 3200 likes and 134 Comments as well as 185 shares.
Household musicians played a role in spreading awareness of the #FillUpOrlandoStadium concert. Some of the users that referenced MTN in their tweets included popular House DJs like, Real Black Coffee (1,169,487 followers), DJ Euphonik (796,265 followers), J’Something from Mi Casa (134,910) and Khuli Chana (500,004 followers).

We identified a number of tweets posted by the Family Tree artists and supporting artists which included the #FillUpOrlandoStadium hashtag. In total, we identified 3,138 tweets and subsequent retweets which accounted for 2.5% of the total #FillUpOrlandoStadium commentary. A breakdown of these tweets is below:

• Gemini Major – 102 tweets that in turn received 201 retweets.
• Nadia Nakai – 66 tweets that in turn received 187 retweets.
• Mr Carpo – 59 tweets that in turn received 56 retweets.
• Family Tree World Twitter profile – 113 tweets that in turn received 878 retweets.
• Emtee – 2 tweets that in turn received 163 retweets
• Ricky Rick – 8 tweets that in turn received 1 269 retweets
• Babes Wodumo – 7 tweets that in turn received 26 retweets

Our digital efforts were rewarded when the Department of Arts & Culture (272,172 followers) came to the party and tweeted about the event, as did Minister of Sports, Facile Mbalula who has 602,266 followers.

YouTube was another avenue that was used to galvanise support for the “It’s Our Time” video – it was viewed 198,153 times in October, generated 305 likes and was shared 172 shares times. ‘It’s our time’ is the second most viewed video on the YouTube channel following the Mafikizolo ad. And it’s only been live for two weeks.

The video was also covered by Times Live with journalists encouraging other South Africans to go #FillUpOrlandoStadium.

The social approach

Social media was used to drive messaging and to enable the communities to fill up Orlando Stadium, drive CallerTunez downloads as well as drive positive brand affinity.

Hip hop is undoubtedly the most influential genre of music in South Africa, engaging on a daily basis with affluent black female and male youths between the ages 15-35. Thus, music was the driving force behind this campaign and we included Cassper in each part to fill up Orlando Stadium, drive CallerTunez downloads and drive positive brand affinity, thus demonstrating MTN’s involvement and give credibility to the brand association.

Not only did we leverage Cassper, but we offered up and coming artists a chance of a lifetime – by uploading their track, they could get shortlisted by the public and Cassper will choose his favourite who will then open up for him when he fills up Orlando Stadium. Cassper drove all content and this, as well as the tone of voice used, resonated with his die-hard Cassper fans, by coming from Cassper’s perspective. It’s the world Cassper lives in, a world they love. It’s also an opportunity for MTN to use this imagery to tap into that love and own a little piece of Cassper’s world. We focussed on video content as this allowed his fans, and hip hop fans in general to resonate with the content on a much deeper level and engage with it in order to meet the overall objectives of this campaign.

Social tactics:

1. Brand Love moments

a. Light Up The Stage, which included teaser posts pushing the overall campaign, video content from Cassper, top 10 finalists, public voting, Kasi tours, four finalists chosen by public, and then top three winners chosen by Cassper: We gave undiscovered talent a chance to share a stage with Cassper. What’s more, Cassper fans were the ones who put them in the spotlight and Cassper chose the final three.

b. Teaser posts speaking to the campaign and introducing the campaign as well as building hype were utilised. Our main messaging included static images and video. We promoted the different CallerTunez, and created hype by showcasing lyrics to some of Cassper’s songs and asked the audience to name the track. We recorded Cassper during the filming of the “It’s Our Time” video sending out messages to the public to submit their tracks and mixes and then also to vote for their favourite artists. This really resonated well with the audience as the content was tailor made to them and because it came from Cassper, they could feel the connection more. The video content and artwork was authentic as it was culturally immersed in the music and the movement. This delivered the campaign message and the brand equity in the most credible way, amplifying its effectiveness even more.

c. Kasi Tours focused on promoting the concert and driving CallerTunez downloads for fans to stand a chance of winning prizes. We live tweeted these at various locations around Soweto, as well as live tweeted the VIP dinner and the three winners’ performances at Cantare in Monte Casino. By doing so we created hype and excitement for the actual concert as well as fan engagement and awareness. We also helped drive the motion of filling up Orlando Stadium, driving CallerTunez downloads and also to drive the brand affinity.

d. Ultimate fan dinner: Cassper invited 22 of his biggest fans to become part of his entourage for a day. This took place the day before the concert, and we live tweeted this event. This again met the objectives of this campaign by driving the brand affinity.

e. Win tickets: We helped Cassper fill up Orlando Stadium by giving away tickets through Twitter’s Blue Robot tool.

2. Call to action

a. VIP Concert experience: Fans that downloaded selected CallerTunez during the campaign went into a draw to win the ultimate VIP experience at the concert.

3. Social Channels

a. MTN blog was the primary channel where all content was housed, we then posted natively on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter which hosted the static imagery and videos, and ultimately pushed traffic to the blog. The blog gave an overview of the different stages to the campaign as it was the central content point. We also used Instagram Stories for some of the live tweeting moments.

4. For the first time we moved the Loop Room into the concert venue and this worked magically. The main objective for this day was to share real, authentic content on the day and to engage with real time content surrounding the event.

The Loop Room is a team of 15 consisting of social, ORM and content specialists who monitor and track real time conversations – supported by advanced listening technology and an on the ground team.

The social team were part of the action and could see the engagement happening right there and then. We received tens of thousands of mentions on the day of the concert – many of these from top influencers from across the continent, and some from across the globe, congratulating Cassper and wishing him luck for the day.

Bizcommunity Which social media platforms were mainly used for the campaign?

Annetts: MTN has a pervasive social media presence, we leveraged its permeating digital platforms, including its blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram page to evangelise the #FillUpOrlandoStadium message. The content that was posted on social media directed traffic to MTN’s blog which gave a detailed overview of the different stages to the campaign.

In the run up to the #FillUpOrlandoStadium concert, MTN kept Twitter ablaze with tweets and retweets from Cassper, using the MTN Twitter account and even other popular artists were endorsing the upcoming musical extravaganza. Cassper retweeted and reposted MTN’s content, and MTN in turn did likewise.

Between 1 and 31 October, a total of 123,993 tweets that mentioned #FillUpOrlandoStadiumn and 8% of these tweets made specific reference to MTN (10,019 tweets). The MTN #FillUpOrlandoStadium tweets potentially reached 10,326,487 Twitter users.

Bizcommunity What was the response to the campaign? Research stats etc..

Annetts: Twitter

• There were 123,993 tweets that mentioned #FillUpOrlandoStadium posted from 1 – 31 October 2016, 8% of these tweets made specific reference to MTN (10,019 tweets).
• The MTN #FillUpOrlandoStadium tweets potentially reached 10,326,487 Twitter users.
• 12% of the MTN #FillUpOrlandoStadium commentary was positive, this is three times higher than the average proportion of positive MTN commentary we have seen since Jan 2012 (57 month average of positive sentiment is 4%).
• Positive themes in the commentary included:
– Positive feedback about the It’s Our Time advert.
– Praise for MTN for supporting Cassper Nyovest and sponsoring the concert.
– Enjoyment of Light up the Stage Mall activations.
– Finalists of Light up the Stage thanking MTN for the opportunity.
– Enjoyment of the concert on 29 October.• More than half of the MTN #FillUpOrlandoStadium commentary was retweets of @MTNza (58%). The top performing tweet shared by MTN received 1286 retweets (posted on 21 Oct encouraging followers to retweet in order to win ticket to the concert).
• Cassper Nyovest posted four tweets about #FillUpOrlandoStadium that mentioned MTN, these tweets received a total of 725 retweets and accounted for 7% of the total MTN #FillUpOrlandoStadium commentary. Nyovest’s top performing #FillUpOrlandoStadium tweet (that mentioned MTN) received 300 retweets (posted on 29 Oct giving MTN subscribers attending the concert 10GB free data).
• 16% of the commentary was about the It’s Our Time advert, the majority of these were retweets of @MTNza’s tweets and @CassperNyovest’s tweets.

On The Dot, Pamphlets Division, Tembisa township tour

On an annual basis On the Dot Pamphlets Division arranges a township tour for its current as well as new clients. This year the team arranged a tour into Tembisa, which is located on the outskirts of Midrand.
On The Dot, Pamphlets Division, Tembisa township tour
click to enlarge
Invited guests arrived at the Media24 premises in Auckland Park, where they were made to feel welcome by key account managers, sales support and special projects staff. After an opening presentation, muffin, and coffee, everyone embarked on the tour bus and braved the Johannesburg traffic towards the desired destination of Tembisa.

Local residents, living within a variety of low and middle-income households, opened their doors to welcome over 60 guests into their homes. All participants were surprised at just how accommodating these residents were, who took delight in all the attention that was shown.

The objective of this tour is to open up new markets to On the Dot’s clients. Rico Brand, On the Dot’s Pamphlets Division General Manager, commented: “By talking to the residents whose homes we visited and noting the type of possessions they purchased. Invited guests actually see individual product preferences. Everyone who participated in the tour comes away with a new experience, as well as greater insights into their customers”.

After visiting numerous homes, On the Dot’s guests experienced a traditional lunch, served at “ Busy Corner also known as Imbizo”, where the food was braaied to satisfy everyone’s appetite. All agreed that this was a unique experience, definitely worth repeating!

On the Dot Pamphlet distribution provides access to demographically targeted consumer markets offering a reliable accurate, efficient and cost effective direct marketing communication platform. Our national infrastructure distributes to 15.2 million homes in South Africa as well as over-border.

Visit our website www.onthedot.co.za or contact us for more information
Media Park,
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Auckland Park, 2092
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Cape Town Cycle Tour adds speed to tourism economy

Every year, the City of Cape Town welcomes cycling enthusiast from around the country and the world as they head to Cape Town to participate in or support the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
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The event, as the world’s largest timed cycling race, has around 35,000 competitors. According to the tour’s officials, 4,500 international participants booked for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016. The Cape Town Cycle Tour contributed R450-million to the city’s economy in 2014, the last time the full race took place, and it’s expected to generate at least the same figure this year.

The gateway to South Africa

It’s the first year that the event centres around the Cape Town Stadium, close to the most-visited attraction in Africa, the V&A Waterfront, allowing more visitors the opportunity to get involved in the spectacular sights and experiences the tour has to offer.

Cape Town is described in tourism terms as the Gateway to Africa, so those international visitors will also explore other parts of South Africa, with the Kruger National Park and the Garden Route being popular.

Economic Opportunities MEC Alan Winde has previously noted that the provinces top cycling events (including the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the Cape Rouleur and the ABSA Cape Epic) contribute in excess of R760-million combined. Events such as these create a buoyant economic environment and help to generate jobs in tourism and peripheral industries and contribute to sustainability in businesses.

A good excuse to explore further

Visitors are likely to use the race as part of a bigger exploration of the city. This means that their accommodation and travel costs contribute to the economy, but also that there’s a bigger contribution in terms of restaurant meals, retail and in general as they enjoy all the attractions and experiences the Mother City has to offer.

Visitors are likely to explore the city on two wheels since they have their transport with them, many international visitors cycle as a pastime, to be healthier or even for commuting purposes when at home. It’s an eco-friendly tourism experience that draws you into the communities you explore, so you can really travel like a local.

Cape Town’s world-renowned scenery can’t be beaten when it comes to staging events like the Cape Town Cycle Tour. The route around the peninsula offers stunning scenery and a fresh perspective on our mountains and coastline. The exchange rate provides the opportunity for affordable luxury for international visitors. We’re known as tourist-friendly and have so much to offer in terms of cultural, natural and adventure experiences.

Cycle tours

There are several tour companies offering cycle tours in Cape Town. AWOL tours, for example, provides half-day cultural tours around Masiphumelele township as well as a full day peninsula tour. Vamos Township Tours offers a fascinating cycle tour around Langa, and there’s no better way to explore a neighbourhood than from the saddle of a bike. It’s intimate and allows you to interact with locals and to experience the vibe in a way that wouldn’t be possible in a tour bus.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is one of many events that attract domestic and international visitors to the city, and we’ve grown a reputation as a host city that can provide an excellent events experience in a world-class tourist destination.

National Book Week is #goingplaces

National Book Week (NBW) will be celebrated across the country from 7-13 September 2015. The Deputy Minister of Arts and Culture, Rejoice Mabudafhasi launched the week and the NBW Tour Bus, ahead of its one-week tour.
National Book Week is #goingplacesNow in its sixth year, the country’s most successful annual national reading campaign has mobilised some of the best storytellers, musicians, and ambassadors such as Lupi Ngcayisa, Stoan Seate, Refiloe Mpakanyane, Jena Dover, Pearl Thusi and Aaron Moloisi to get Mzansi travelling again through books. Along with the mascot, Funda Bala, the ambassadors will bring the world to those who dare pick up a book.

All events will promote a key message to encourage reading as a fun activity with each province or location tailoring the programme to meet local demands with a strong focus on promoting indigenous languages, local authors as well as library awareness and access.

#GOINGPLACES with books

#GOINGPLACES is the apt theme of the NBW Bus Tour and speaks to both the movement of the National Book Week Tour Bus, as it goes from town to town, and the ‘travelling’ to faraway places through the allure of books. In trying to get the country travelling through pages of books, this campaign is being celebrated in seven provinces in the hope of amplifying its message in imagining a better life and a better South Africa and building it through books.

Accompanied by its mascot, Funda Bala, the NBW bus will visit venues in Gauteng, Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape, trumpeting the magic and life-changing power of books. Satellite programmes will also take place in the Free State and Western Cape.


Only 14% of South Africans read books and half the country do not own a single leisure book in their homes. The campaign #BUYABOOK was born to curb that.

South African Book Development Council CEO, Elitha Van Der Sandt said, “We are excited about this. We have collaborated with Exclusive Books and Bargain Books so that from 7-20 September, selected books will be sold for R20. Please buy a book, not for yourself but for someone who does not own one.”

First in line to heed this call has been publishers Pan Macmillan SA, Penguin Random House SA and NB Publishers that have offered a selection of discounted books that will be sold in Bargain Books and Exclusive Books stores nationwide.

The public is encouraged to purchase the books for R20 and donate them into the NBW book bins in the stores. These books will then be donated to selected communities. Another option is for people to donate books to those they know do not own one.

Be Sure To Visit Florida

In Florida the Epcot Center is a permanent international and discovery showplace covering 280 acres. It has two huge spots called Future World and The World Showcase.

Largest working studio outside Hollywood is Universal Studio in Florida. Its shows include some of the hit movies like Terminator 2 3-D, Jaws, Twister and Back to the Future.

The spring is the perfect season to visit Blue Spring State Park which gets more scenic while boating or canoeing. It plays a vital role in preserving the most important animal of Florida, the manatee. Visitors can learn a lot about this animal on guided tours

From Mach till November the manatees leave the cold areas of St. John’s River and come to this warm place. It also includes facilities like hiking, boating, canoeing, swimming, scuba diving, picnicking and nature’s trails.

In the chain of islands that shelter Charlotte Harbor and Pine Islands Sound from the storms of Gulf Of Mexico is situated Cayo Costa State Park. The island is accessible by a private boat or ferries that carry passengers.

Picnicking, boating, canoeing, primitive camping, rental cabins and beach activities can be done here. Shelling is too good in winter, but beware you can’t find any life guard here. Every thing you do is at your own risk.

With lots of landscapes the Ecofina River State Park is located on the Gulf of Mexico. With its 3377 acres of fine flatlands, oak/palm forests, broad expenses of salt marsh dotted with pine islands, it is a nature’s paradise. Picnicking, canoeing, boating, fishing, hiking and equestrian events are also available here.

In the typical Everglades region of Florida is 6430 acres of Collier Seminole State Park that is full of vegetation and Wildlife. RV camping and Tents can be fixed there.

Fishing, boating and canoeing are also popular where the Blackwater River flows making access easy to The Ten Thousand Islands and the Gulf of Mexico. Great vegetation and wildlife can be found when one hikes through the 6.5 miles long trail which goes through flat pinewoods and cypress swamp. Additional exhibits of plant and wildlife may also be seen at park’s interpretive center.

A hiking trail that runs from Fairchild Oak in Bulow Creek State Park to Bulow Plantation Ruins State Historic Site is in Bulow Plantation Ruins State Historic Site. The hiking trail is open from 8.30am to sunset. A primitive campsite is available for backpackers, as you require a permit to spend a night here.